Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gua Tempurung 2010

(The view for the beginning of adventure)

hehe....just realize that I didn't write my Gua Tempurung experience here~

ehm...a great experience with cave adventure.

Actually it is consider easy adventure for me, just that you will be wet your whole body and it is really dirty.
Anyway, I am glad to have this trip this year as we are actually planned it 2 years ago~


We departed from PJ at 6am in the morning.
From Damansara Toll exit NKVE then follow Ipoh direction.
Then, we take the exit at Tapah.

Follow the road sign to Kampar eat our breakfast 1st, then turn back again follow Gua Tempurung road sign.

We reached safely at Gua Tempurung around 930am.

We bought the ticket for 10am. The adventure took 3 hours.

We finished at 2pm with bathe and exchange our dirty clothes.


Show Time!

It's fun for this adventurer trip. Just feel disappointed when look at this poor stone~
It's so innocent but people left so many scar to its body~ =(

huh~ After the guide introduce the cave history to us, we started our adventure in the cave.
See, we have to crawl along to the other side.
It's fun, right?

yeah! Finally we passed! Luckily I didn't stuck in the middle~ =)

yeah, a waterway~ It's difficult to walk at here as so many small rocks or sand will slide into your shoes...

See the sunlight behind us? Yes, we done half of the adventure already!

Everyone sit down and rest a while!!

huh, nice?

Okay, now, crawl again to the other side~

See, the last girl with black t-shirt, it's me!
Luckily I wear a pair of slipper~
Actually it's the best! As I won't feel that pain and uncomfortable when the small rocks or sand slide into my shoes. I can just easily to clean my feet~

Climb up! Faster!

oh no~ that's scary part! we have to slide down~~ almost 90 degree!!!

Looks scary, right?

okay, this! Another scary part! I read some blogs before I went there. The hole looks so small. I really scare if I stuck at the hole...=p

haha....see, now I have no worries anymore~ It's still left so many space~

We have a rest again at the clean and cold water before we left Gua Tempurung~

huh! Mission completed!

JUMP JUMP JUMP up high to celebrate our victory~


Monday, August 30, 2010

Sekinchan 2010

Sekinchan becames a famous place to go nowadays~

huh~ luckily I went twice this year before the paddy harvested. =p

I read other blogs, according to them, it might be twice a year for the harvest session.
ehm....not so sure. But, I am pretty sure that we can see the paddy from March to June.

So, the best time to go Sekinchan might be during March-May IF you want to see the green paddy field.
Then, if you want to see the "fruity" paddy or golden paddy field, you might need to go at June.

I like Sekinchan not just because of the paddy field.
I came from a small town too from Sarawak.
Sekinchan is just too alike to my hometown. I feel friendliness although I am not from a Fish Village or Paddy field girl (hehe...my hometown is not famous in neither Fish Village nor Paddy Field). I feel calm when I was there because there have fresh air, less people, silent night etc which just same as my hometown~

It makes me home sick~ hm~

Anyway, just have a look of the photo I took at the paddy field.

haha....I like my scarf~

huh~ we like to jump up high~

See~ how big is the paddy field here~

I like this photo a lot~~~Artistic~

The 2nd time went the same paddy field~ Look carefully~ did you see the grain? the paddy bear fruits now~~So nice~ If I go 2 weeks after that, I can take photo for golden paddy field ler~

I took this photo~ haha....so factitious..hehe~

Finish the part for paddy field.
Now, want to introduce the Fish Village I went at Sekinchan.
It's a small village. There a special famous dish at that village called Shark Porridge~
Never try although went there 2 times. So sad! =(

See! very calm, right?

haha....the fisherman there is so creative~

See, how relaxing he is at afternoon? I like this kind of life too~ May be after retire~ huh~

A simple kitchen

A simple toilet also~ =)


Besides the paddy field and fish village. We went to Redang Beach also.
hahaha....don't doubt! The beach called Pantai Redang.
Forgot to take photo for the road sign.
Next time, I will! =)

Share some photos with you too~

I really like to jump~ hehe....since when I can jump so high like this?? haha....only in the photo~

A nice place to rest and have a nap at afternoon~ so comfortable~

Again~ Artistic photo

Okay, what will we feel after walking around so long time?
hehehe.... of course, feel hungry and need to eat ma~
What should we eat at fish village?
Of course SEAFOOD la~~ right?
hehehe....deng deng deng deng...

Local people recommended~ ehm~ not bad la~

I like this one most~ Shark meat sour and spicy soup

This is "Slipper Fish" (in mandarin)

Steamed Prawn

Why so little??? Actually got another 2 dishes - Crab and Sotong, but the photos was blur~ too bad!

We should eat at Kuala Selangor also since we will pass by there if go back PJ ma..
So, we eat another round at KJ after that~
hehe...The restaurant called Hai Ung Seafood Restaurant.
Here it is the photo I took~ sure you will dribble your saliva~ haha~


For people who want to go there~
If you are from PJ, using Damansara Toll to NKVE, then follow Ipoh sign board.
Exit at Rawang Toll
Turn left to Jalan Batu Arang,
Continue onto B27
Turn right at Jalan Raja Musa
Turn left to stay on Jalan Raja Musa
Turn right at B42
Turn left at Jalan Ulu Tiram Buruk
Turn right at Route 5
Turn right
Take the 2nd left
Take the 1st right
Sekinchan, Selangor

I am using this way to Sekinchan safely~ It's from Google Maps
Check your own way to Sekinchan!!!