Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nyuk Min Restaurant - SS2 (玉明美食小厨)

Read a lot of food blog. Seldom see blogger write a blog about Chinese restaurant. Never mind, this is the chance for you to read a blog about Chinese cuisine. Not the expensive one (sharks' fin, abalone etc). It's just a common home cook cuisine.

Lived in PJ for around 7 years. Eat a lot of Chinese food in Paramount, SS2, Kepong, Puchong, Sunway Pyramid, Serdang etc... This is not the most special one.

(Then? Why you want to share this? The restaurant pay you, is it??)

haha....NOPE! It's just because I live here and I know how headache for us to find foods for our dinner everyday. Sure you don't want to eat same food everyday, right?

This is the simple reason I blog this. And, I know so many people are actually like to eat Chinese cuisine.

Yea, I learn this from friends: 叫菜吃饭 - direct translation - "order vegetable to eat rice"....haha....I think this is from Cantonese...

Simple Menu with the address and operation hour - This restaurant is just beside the "Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun (百年路咖喱面)"

Stir Fried Potato Leaf (My favorite)

Clay-pot Japanese Tofu
(The Japanese Tofu is always very soft.)

Curry Pork Meat
(Not much Chinese Chef can cook nice curry. This one is considering nice for me. But, if you are coconut milk lover, you might don't like this. This one more spicy.)

Fried Cuttle Fish
(The cuttlefish very crispy and the fragrance of spices very nice.)

Pineapple Rice
(The Pineapple Rice smells fragrance. I am actually don't like cooked pineapple. But, I do like this. The taste is good and make you want to eat more and more.)

Don't ask me what is the differences between the foods here with the other place...It's very difficult for me to answer. What I can tell you is....averagely the foods here is quite nice. The chef here has good skill for stir fried. I like this restaurant is just because they serve nice food. May be it's just a simple food that we can eat everyday. But, for people who live in PJ, this will be your alternative choice when you want to have your lunch or dinner next time and don't want to travel so far to have nice food. =)

P/S: So sorry, I miss allocated the receipt, so I can't state the food price here. Don't worry, I will amend when I visit there again next time. =p

No 38, JLN SS2/66,
Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor.

Operation hour: 10am to 10pm