Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kong Mah Dim Sum - Sg Buloh

Been there few times and come out every time with 100% satisfaction!
haha....the dim Sum there are so yummy!
I tried dim sum from Penang, Ming Kok and Fu San from Ipoh, dim sum from Jalan Ipoh and KLCC, then dim sum from PJ.
This is the most delicious Dim Sum I ever eat!
Please! Believe me! May be you have to try once then you will know why I said so~ hehe...
Okay, I don't like to talk bla bla bla about how the dim sum look like.
It's better you look yourself through the photos I post here.
Oh ya, actually it's better if you can go by yourself and taste by your own tongue!
I know, I know... that is so far for us to go Sg. Buloh just to try the dim sum, waste fuel and time!
But, it's totally worth it!
okay, okay... have a look with the dim sum 1st before you discover it by yourself!

Pei Dan Sao York Zok


Pai Guat

Cheesy Clams

Black Pepper Clams

Har Guen

Yu Huat with Ginger Sauce

Bitter Gourd



Lo Bak Gou

Curry Fish Yu Huat

Chicken Wings

Black Pepper Bacon
Which one I like the most???
#1. Black pepper Bacon
#2. Chicken Wings

hm....actually I love all the dim sum above la~~~ =p

How to get there???
Restuarant Kong Mah Sdn Bhd
32 Jalan Public,
Kampung Baru Sg Buloh
47000 Selangor

Tel 03-6156 1682
H/P:019 225 4640

Do have a lot of dim sum I didn't take photo~
Try yourself at there and take your own photo~~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coffee - Typica Cafe 豆原

Dear readers,
I'm back!!!!

But, this is neither a post about Penang foods nor Penang Heritage~
It's about the coffee shop I went last week.
The coffee shop called Typica Cafe 豆原.

Just realize that the cafe got its own blog:
The blog was really nice. Have a click there. Let the professional tell you what is coffee~~

Okay, come back~
I drink coffee after abstain for 13 years.
Ha! I was sick every time after drink coffee when I was in Standard 6.
Thought coffee can help me to stay overnight for study.
Anyway, it doesn't helpful at all~

Then, why I dare to try after 13 years?
hehe...the cafe's environment impressed me!
It's like I will missed so much if I didn't try once!

I was surrendered by the coffee there~
I ordered a Soyaccino - a mixture of fresh soy + coffee~
The smell was VERY nice!

Wonder why I don't order the coffee from Typica Special Selection menu?
I don't dare to drink la~ It's too much for me~ =)
Anyway, I still got the side effect at midnight....
My heart beat was very fast, around 130 per minutes!
Quite fast huh?
A bit scary actually~ haha....
But luckily I still manage fall in sleep after 2 hours laid on my bed that day~~

NOW! Show you some photos..

After select the coffee we want, the girl let us smell the coffee bean, then only grind to powder.

She put in the coffee powder after the water reach the boiling point.
ehm...but I don't know how they count the time to boil the coffee.
hehe....may be you should go there and ask~

GUATEMALA (Ordered by my friend)

For mine one:

She mixed together the soy after she boiled the coffee.

Here it is! THE SOYACCINO!

See, I was so enjoy in the cafe with reading a book with calm music~
oh ya~ enjoy with the coffee and cake too~~ =)

hehe~ The cheese cake was NICE!!

So, will you try? =p

GL-08, Ground Floor,
Shaw Parade Plaza,
Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603 - 2145 0328

Business Hours
Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear readers,
I am away from my home now.
Not able to blog for few days~~

Please be patient to wait my coming Food blog~~
Eat a lot at Penang~

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kuantan Trip 2010 II

Yeah, went for Rainbow Waterfall again after almost 2 years.

For my last Kuantan trip, please click this to view: Kuantan Trip 2008
We managed to go few places for this trip only.
It's really a short trip.

We went to Cherating to see fireflies at 1st of May night.
Anyway, this is totally disappointed trip for me this time if compare with my last trip which actually saw a lot of fireflies on the tree.

The guide told us that we missed the golden time to see fireflies.
We should see it around 7-8pm, not at 10pm.
HA! 7-8pm?? That time we still in Karak Highway on the way to Cherating~~
Besides, the full moon in the Lunar calendar also affected to see the fireflies.
Anyway, I don't know how true is it~
But, what i check in the Wikipedia, fireflies are active in 1-2 hours only after sunset.
The moral of story: must see fireflies at 7-8pm! The best moment to see~

After we see fireflies, we actually want to go Kemaman beach to see turtle also.
But, we need to go Rainbow Waterfall in the early of the next day morning.
We need to wake up at 4am.
So, we hit back to our guess house to rest.
The moral of the story: Must plan Rainbow waterfall in the 1st day of the trip. If it held on 2nd day, the night we can just go back to rest and it's wasted~

2nd day, 2nd of May.
We depart from Kuantan to Rainbow Waterfall at 445am.
We reach there around 520am.
We have a breakfast at Sg. Lembing market.
Still, the food there is still nice to eat, especially the "Yong Dao Fu".

We wait there until 630, if not mistaken...then we depart to Rainbow Waterfall piedmont~
I really enjoy the trip to piedmont on the 4WD. We sit at the back of the 4WD.

's really funny and excited!
We must be alert when the lorry is moving, if not, i am assure that you will hit by plants or branches~~

After 1 hour, we arrived the piedmont, we start jungle trekking with cross over few rivers. It's not very high and my stamina was more than enough to hike 1 and 30mins all the way up to waterfall~

huh~ finally~ reached waterfall~ the view is still nice~

Around 11 something, we walk down to the piedmont and go back Sungai Lembing Market to change our wet clothes.


Eat lunch there, then depart from Sungai Lembing to Cherating. This time, we went a small island for snorkeling.

huh~~~Cherating is a beautiful place. Don't need to describe much, just look at my photo, then you will understand~

The guide said that is Dinosaur's footstep (don't know real or not)

Okay, now, understand or not? Why I like the place so much?
ha~ It's really amazing, right?

This time I remember to ask the flyer from the guide we used to be last time.

AIF Cherating Boat Services
26080 Cherating lama,
Kuantan Pahang.
H/P: 013-9099683 (Nazrie)

Show you the daily activities he has:

River Cruise
Leave at 9am/4pm
Duration 2 hours
RM20/per pax

Fire Fly
Leave at 8pm
Duration 1 hour
RM20/per pax

Snake Island Snorkeling
Leave at 9am (Negotiable, i think. Because we went there at afternoon)
Duration 3 hour
RM40/per pax

Fishing Trip
Leave at 9am
Duration 4-5 hours
RM350 per boat (max. 4 people)

Turtle Watching & Release Baby Turtle to Ocean
Departure depend on turtle
Duration 1 hour

Jungle Trekking
Leave at 9am
Duration 2 hours
RM45 per pax

Transportation service and Batik lesson on request
Watersport rental facility,
Jet ski,
Banana Boat (max. 7 pax)
Para sailing
Water ski/Catamaran

The prices stated above are negotiable if you have a lot of people.
Just call Nazrie to confirm or further information.