Monday, November 7, 2011

Restaurant Siam 62 - Sunway Damansara

Nowaday mydeal, groupon, milkadeal etc are very famous and this is our opportunities to eat some nice food with cheaper deal.I used to check the deal almost everyday, just eager to get a cheaper deal to eat! haha....yeah, all I can think about in my mind is always food and eat. haha...

Somehow, I saved a lot of money for nice food or buffet. hehe... This time, I went to a Thai restaurant to eat buffet lunch. The restaurant name is Siam 62, located at Sunway Damansara (opposite the SHELL Petrol Station). I can't recall the price I bought, what I can remember is that's cheaper than the usual price. =p

I never know this Thai cuisine until I bought the coupon from internet. It's a win-win situation, the restaurant can promote their restaurant and consumer can get a cheaper deal to eat. =) 

Photos below are the food we ate the other day. You can order all from the menu. Try all food, then after that choose the food you think is nice to re-order. =)

The Thai food here really not bad and it's worth the money! Try it if you like Thai cuisine! 

Address: AG11, Block A, Jalan Persiaran Surian, Palm Spring @ Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

GPS: N 3.157806, E 101.609652

Operation Hour: 1200 – 1500, 1830 – 2230 (Monday – Sunday)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poon Choi - Restaurant LYJ Sungai buloh


2011 birthday gone already~~ =( which means I am getting old.
Anyway, treated nice food from my friends~ The food that I crave for 2 years.

盆菜 - POON CHOI  (Believe me, this is the translation I got from Google Translate.)

This is the 1st time I eat Poon Choi. So excited! hahaha..
I had been told many times that Sungai Buloh Poon Choi is the best!
Thanks to Jennifer (my friend), she found out the restaurant and called all friends to celebrate my birthday together. (Touched!)

Let me google the Poon Choi history for you 1st! =p
Poon Choi (pronounced: [pʰun˩ʦʰɔy]), also known as pun choi or Big Bowl Feast, is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong village cuisine. It may also be found in different parts of Hong Kong. It is served in wooden, porcelain or metal basins.

It was said that Poon Choi was invented during the late Song Dynasty. When Mongol troops invaded Song China, the young Emperor fled to the area around Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. To serve the Emperor as well as his army, the locals collected all their best food available, cooked it, and because there were not enough containers, put the resulting dishes in wooden washbasins. In this way, Poon Choi was invented.[1] Ip, Stephen, The Standard, Friday, April 23, 2010, Volume 3, No. 153, p. 33.
haha....I know, I know....the photo is more important than this. Let's go!

 The sauce they served. 

  Taa-daa!!! The Poon Choi!! You will know how nice it is after you see the photo below. haha....
The food is really nice. Just get bored at the end because all dish in one sauce only. haha...
Inside got: duck, pork, prawn, scallop, vegetables, fish stomach, mushroom etc (a lot of good stuff)

All foods was inside our stomach! haha...finished all!!!! 

 The restaurant outfit. (This restaurant is just opposite the Sg Buloh SJK (C) Sungai Buloh - 宋华小学)

Nah! The restaurant name, address and phone number. 
(GPS Coordinate: 3°11'42"N   101°34'11"E)

Enjoy yourself for the food if you go next time. Remember call to reserve and order Poon Choi for at least 2-3 days.