Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chilling Waterfall Trip - Kuala Kubu Bharu

It's been a while for not update a blog about the trip I went. This is a trip I never expect to go for in this month. Thanks the invitation of one my best friend! =)

I know this waterfall since 2 years ago. Anyway, because of many reason, I can't go until yesterday.I like the waterfall name, Chilling Waterfall. The water there is really cold and chill. I can feel my heart get cold when I stepped into the water. haha.... just an exaggeration! =p

Okay, start my journey to Chilling Waterfall. We headed to Batu Cave from Bandar Utama at 7am.We use MRR2 to go Kuala Kubu Bharu. Passed by Kepong Tol (RM1.60), follow the right lane to go up to MRR2. Drive about 20mins, take the exit toward Jalan Batu Caves. Sharp left onto Jalan Batu Caves. Then, turn right onto Jalan Sungai Tua. Drive for around 5km, make a U-turn and take the 1st left to stay on Jalan Sungai Tua. Turn left onto B57. Drive for another 5km, Turn right onto Route 1, drive for another 12km. At last, turn right onto Route 55. Arrived the destination!!

I go and google search the maps. I think, it's better to use NKVE to go. Easier and faster! Using Damansara Tol, then follow the Ipoh signboard. Go straight then take the exit at Rawang, pass by Rawang Tol, turn right at the 1st traffic light. Go straight again, take the ramp onto Route 1, pass by KTM Station Rawang on your left. Turn right to stay on Route 1. Go straight until T-Junction, turn left to stay on Route 1 again. Drive for 30km (pass by Serendah town), turn right onto Route 55 (drive 15km, pass by a dam), then, you will arrive there!

I know, it's a bit complicated! It's better you find the map from google or you got a GPS device. =)

For the waterfalls description and also the GPS coordination, you may read this.  

What I can tell you about this waterfall is the water here is really cold and also very clean! And, for me, the most important thing is the hiking part is a piece of cake! Not high and not that challenge also. The challenge part is you need to cross 3 rivers which the water flows quickly. It makes you difficult to cross the river to the other side. Anyway, that's not hard for me actually. I manage to cross the river with my good balance skill and the technique to step on the rocks. wahahaha.... too proud of myself. *slap* BE HUMBLE!!!

Show you some photo I took over there:

Before we arrive Chilling Waterfall, we have a quick visit at the dam.
I'm so sorry, this is the only one which you can see the dam. If you want to see the dam clearly, click here.

We crossed a bridge (Sungai Chilling) after pass by the Selangor River dam. Then, we started to find a place to park our car. Voila! Here we are!

From the main road to here, you need to walk for around 10-15mins.

Personally like the sunlight! =)

On our way to Chilling waterfall. At first, you need to pass by this kind of road. So, I suggest you that wear your slipper to come (those with strong grip/pattern) 

 On the way to Chilling waterfall, you need to cross 3 rivers just like this. The water move fast and swift.

 After 45mins walk, we arrived!!!

People started playing water and also climb the rocks near waterfall to jump down. It's fun, just quite dangerous la...

A lot of fishes here. Not afraid of people also. 

Took this when come down from waterfall.