Friday, October 16, 2009

My Birthday Celebration Part 2

yea~~~Thanks to those who are celebrate and send wishes to me!!!



How am I celebrate my birthday?

1st round:

Dinner with my dearest friends: SokKuan, YenWai and HuiWen. We met at Mid Valley at 7pm. Before that, I went to HuiWen's Witchery Cafe which located at Kuchai Lama. Then, 630pm, we depart to MV together. We are not decide yet the place to have our dinner. But then, luckily, without any hesitation, SK and Wai decided to go Pasta Zanmai.

That is my 2nd time be there. I like the food in Pasta Zanmai, especially the soup Pasta. hehe...may be also because of I like to eat noodle with soup. :p

yea~ here it is! Teppanyaki Chicken Soup Pasta

hehe...what is the 2nd dish? The 2nd dish is the Squid Ink Pasta. It tastes delicious and smells good. Just very ugly after you finish eat it. Your lips and teethes will become black, like poisoning. Let me show you all. LOL

Seafood Squid Ink Pasta

Black enough or not? haha...Let see my mouth after eat this:

haha....look at my lips and teethes....Ugly, right? I know. Stop laughing, please!

Unagi Pizza

Besides, we ordered a Pizza too. Feel weird with the mixture, right? But, it's really nice! I never know that unagi + seaweed + half boiled egg + pizza = perfect match. :)
It's really match to eat together!
Just like fish needs water, it is so natural~~ :p

Fruits Tea

Oh yea~ must introduce the drinks too. We ordered a jug of fruits tea.
Sour and sweet fruits mixed with tea.
Smell good, taste good.
Feel fresh after eat too much food..
The jug is special, it is around 30cm tall and thin.

Fried Soft Shell Crab

A Side-Dish! The soft shell crab is match with the sour sauce too~~
wa~~ I want to eat again...
It's s000000 delicious....

dang dang dang dang.... birthday cake is coming~~
Bought from Jusco.
Thanks again to Hui Wen, Sok Kuan and Wai Wai~~

Everyone eat 1/4 cake. Oh my~ I eat 1/4 ler...That is really crazy to eat that much of cake.
As you all know, I don't like cake.
So, I requested to have 26 KFC Fried Chicken as my birthday cake next year.
hehe....may my wish comes true~~ LOL

After finished the cake, we went to Nyonya Color yamcha.
It's so thirsty after eat the cake.

Wait for my Birthday Celebration Part 3...
Coming soon~~


1:27am 16/10/2009
In front of my laptop
What am I doing?
doing same thing as yesterday, nothing special.
facebook-ing, fishing, farming etc.
oh ya, today is different, I blogging. :p

Quite boring, right? I think so.
Anyway, my birthday is not pass yet.
Tonight will celebrate with 2 groups of best friends.
From 6pm to 12am 17/10/2009, i think, at least. :)
kakakaka.....can't close my mouth....keep smiling....:)

But, think about it, 25 years old.
you know! It's 25, I am 25 years old!!!
Half of my life is gone.

This is my birthday blog part 1.
Gonna post some photos later with my birthday celebration.
I am looking forward of it.

Thanks for the wishes 1st!!!

See you at my birthday blog part 2....

Bye...gonna sleep lo...

may be do a mask 1st before I sleep.. :p