Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6 years, 8 champions and FESENI Choir SIX years in a row

2005 - FESENI Choir Champion
2006 - FESENI Choir Champion
2007 - FESENI Choir Champion
- IPT Malaysia Champion
- MYOF Champion and 3rd Place
2008 - FESENI Choir Champion
2009 - FESENI Choir Champion
2010 - FESENI Choir Champion

6 years, 8 champions.
We did it!
Six years in a row for FESENI choir competition.
I am so glad that I am here with them to enjoy the joyful moment.
It's a miracle for us also when we started to get the champion since 2005.
From nothing to champion.
I am not the one suppose to say this, but i still want to say that it's really hard for us!
I know the qualities of sound is still dropping.
But, one thing you should understand!
Every year we train different team. The team is called 9th college choir team but the members keep changing every year.
We have to train the newbies from 0% to 150% (Since ES said that the quality will drop to 100 % because nervousness, mic problem etc when perform on the stage)
How we maintain the qualities of voice if every year need to train new members?
We cannot learn new thing, cannot learn advance thing etc.
We have no time to do all that.
Almost the time we spent is teach all the new members from basic technique like breathing, mouth sharp, hearing, tempo etc.

This year 2009/2010, we used around 8 months to form this team.
8 months, such a long time, right?
But, nope! It's really not enough for us to be more advance group or professional group.

From audition to select members until train them to sing, it needs a lot of time and energy.
Some more, discipline is really needed to the team.
Can you imagine if you keep repeating same thing during every single practices just because some members absent previous practice?
Without discipline, how to move to next level?
That's why we have the rules in our choir team.

We hope that all of you won't regret after competition.
We hope that you all can learn all the techniques and sing nicely on the stage.
We hope that you all can archive the goal which win the audiences' heart.

Frankly speaking, I hope that we can get 1st placing, why not? Since we are really put so many effort in this choir team?
We spent so much times to learn singing technique.
We spent so much times to learn the songs.
I don't know how other colleges train their members. But, we must be the team who always "torture" our members.
But, if not because of that, you thought we have the chance to win the champion 6 years in a row?
That is what deserve to have!!!!

We are deserve to get the champion!
We have best arranger to arrange the songs for us.
We have best trainers to teach us the singing techniques.
We have best seniors who always assist and correct us if sing wrongly.
We have best teammates to sing together.
We have best management team every year to manage the team discipline.
We have best supporter who support us always.
We have best competitor who always make us have the spirit to fight with them!!!

9th college choir is the best!!!
That is what I can say to all my members!!!

Sweet and bitter moment in the choir team 2009/2010 is a memorable history now.
Everything is over~~