Monday, February 27, 2012

Virus Detected!!

Today, I am not going to post a food or travel blog. Going to share a virus with you guys. 

Before that, I need to tell you what happen to my thumb drive today. Hm... working in school, shared 8 computers with 80 teachers. I am sure that you can imagine how terrible the computers' condition are. haha... It doesn't border me anyway. Just, I am so LUCKY that I got a virus attack on my thumb drive today. What is that so special to make me blog it? 

Nah, let me tell you! This virus hide all my folder in the thumb drive. So happen that, I got a lot of folder in the thumb drive instead of file (I arranged all the files into folder - try to be more organize). Show you the picture: 


haha... can you imagine how I feel when I saw all my folder gone (I thought it's gone at the 1st place)? I checked my thumb drive properties, found out that the usage of my thumb drive is still high. I got 4GB to use and after all the folder gone, I got only 2GB more to use. It's not possible. So, I tried to scan my thumb drive. I found that the antivirus program is still scanning all my folders. Which means, all my files was hidden, somehow I couldn't see it although I change my folder option - view - show my hidden files and folders. ehm... end up, I believe that I was attacked by virus! Ish!! 

Asked my colleague who is quite expect in computer. He asked me scan the thumb drive and kill the virus 1st. Which I did. Then, he asked me pluck in my thumb drive again. Open RUN - type Attrib -H -r -s /S /d *:\*.* then, click OK. I tried. ehm... It's not working!!!

Anyway, I am grateful that I like to use google. So, I google it! Hehe....


The code to type it after open RUN should be:

Attrib -H -r -s /S /d #:\*.*

The # code must replace your thumb drive place. See the picture below:

So, check which drive your thumb drive is. Then, the code should be like this:

Attrib -H -r -s /S /d H:\*.*

Yeah! After I key in the code above, my folders in the thumb drive return! It worked great! 
Thanks god! What a great fix. It's the small things in life that make me happy.

ehm.. read the article I found. They said the virus is a old DOS virus. You may check the virus detail here.

Give you the article I found too. Have fun reading!! =)

A lucky day and I know the good day will never end to us! =)