Sunday, July 10, 2011

New changes, New Life

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I am still black and purple colours lover~~~

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Vary Pasta - Damansara Jaya

はい(Hai!) everyone......

I told my friend yesterday that I was so lazy to update my blog and then he said, "faster upload la...your fans are waiting for your blog"...wao~ I am so impressed and excited!! It's like being so popular suddenly~ haahaa.... *slap!* Don't dream anymore!!! ish~~


Better get back to my food journey... =)
This time, wanna introduce you guys for western food: pork chop, pasta etc... It's nothing similar like those popular western food such as Tony Roma, Chili's, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. This is cheaper and more "civilize" which means you can't expect excellent service, good environment etc in this restaurant. So, if you like expensive food or high-end place, you may forget about this blog... =)

For me, I definitely can't afford eating Tony Roma twice a week, not to mention to eat it for everyday. But, this one, I suppose I can eat at least 3 times a week without broke my pocket! =p



This restaurant is quite small and situated in the corner which opposite of Atria's KFC. ehm..If you familiar with Atria, you will know that is difficult to find a car park, I always park my car in front of RHB Bank, then walk towards the lorong beside RHB Bank (forwarding to Atria Shopping Complex), then you will see the Vary Pasta Restaurant on your left hand side! This restaurant is not that conspicuous and doesn't seems like a western food restaurant. Besides, this restaurant didn't do much for the decor. According to my friend, this restaurant is like we are invited to a family gathering...simple and yet cozy...(find out yourself and tell me your feeling next time) =) Anyway, this is not the main thing I concern. I am more likely to concern about the quality of the foods there. The food here was served with quite big portion and cheaper if compare with other western food restaurant. ehm...for example, pork chop with pasta is only RM14.50. Not that expensive, right?

I found this place accidently when I was finding a western food restaurant to celebrate my friend's birthday. She likes to eat western food...and I feel boring to eat at those popular restaurant already. Wanted to try something new... So, I google it. at the end, i found this in PJ area...and a lot of people recommend it!!


Below is the food we ordered! (by the way, I went there twice! =p)

Pork Chop with Pasta - RM14.50 (You may choose Pasta or Salad)
I like to eat pasta especially Aglio e Olio (Garlic and Olive Oil) Pasta. So, I choose pasta instead of the salad. Look at this portion!! Big enough for you or not? I can't tell what is the gravy on the pork chop, sorry! But, the taste is nice. By the way, please don't expect pork can juicy as steak do...for pork meat, they always served "Well Done" [(71 °C [160 °F] and above core temperature) The meat is grey-brown throughout and slightly charred.] I beg you know this and I don't need to explain why~ =) I like to eat the meat with some blood, that's why i will order "Medium" if I eat steak. But, this one, definitely don't have a choice. Don't worry, the meat is not dry as you thought.

Pork Chop with Salad - RM14.50
They served fried potato too, can't see through this because it hides under the pork chop.
Believe me! You gonna love it if you try once! =)

Fettucine Carbonara - RM 13.50 to RM15.00 (4 choices: Beef bacon, pork bacon, chicken ham and seafood)
I like the creamy sauce with cheese~ It's just perfectly fit my taste....haha... I didn't order friend ordered this and he had a weird taste. He requested Tabasco to be served into the pasta..ehm...may be you can try it if you like Tabasco...

Spaghetti Aglio Olio - RM11.00 to RM14.50 (3 choices: prawn, chicken and mushroom)
DO NOT ask me this one nice or not! Aglio Olio is my favorite....haha.... The way they cooked the garlic with olive oil is nice. The fragrance makes me desire to eat for 2nd plate! haha....

Seafood Paella (Spanish Traditional Rice) - RM16.50 [2 choices: seafood and chicken (RM15.50)]
My friend went Spain 2 months ago. He ate this at Spain as well. Do you think it's nice for him after he tried this from the origin place? haha....Definitely nope for him. But YES, for us. It's quite nice. Do you like to eat Bibimbap (Korean Stone Rice)? It's quite similar, just without the Stone, egg and the Korean special sauce. haha....

Potato Crèpe - RM 9.00
This is the one I saw in other blog. They recommended this which I like the most for appetizer! Look at that mushroom, it was begging me to eat them!!! wahahahaha....

Unknown Dish - unknown price (Suspected as Butter Sauce Chicken Rice..Sorry!)
I liked The Island Cafe, SS2 Butter Sauce Chicken Rice few years back and this is the 1st time eat this dish at other place. And it's even nicer than I eat at SS2. The butter is very fragrance and you won't feel guilty to eat this oily food. =p

Tiramisu - Unknown price
Can't missed the dessert of the day (although I don't like dessert). haha.... ehm...don't compare withe the cake house. This is really not that special. Don't try it if don't want to be disappointed!

Ice Cream Pan Cake - Unknown price
I recommended you to try this if you would like to have a dessert after meal. it's nice! The pan cake is still hot and imagine that you put the ice cream on top of the hot pan cake. haha...yummy yummy...

Address :
No.21G, Jalan SS22/23,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Tel : 03-7710 6100