Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss her..

Thinking of her again...
How many times for today??
10 or 15 times??
How often I miss her today??
every second when I have nothing to do??
I am really miss her..

How many days we never contact each other??
1 month? or 2 months??
after CNY, right?
I wrote message in my cell phone,
but delete it every time when I tried to send it out.
I have no courage to send it out.
I just can share everything with her in my heart, deeply...

I hope to share my happiness and sadness with her.
Let her know that:
my choir got champion 5 years in a row;
I had a wonderful trip at Batu Pahat;
I went to Umaiya eat bufffet;
I almost finish my 2nd semester in UM;
I was sad when my bro and sister kept argueing;
I was sad when my bro took my 2 cute nieces to go Solomon;

I share everything with her since we met again at secondary school,
since we became the best friend in the world..
that is no way for me to turn back, is it?
that is no way for me to win her back, is it?

I am really really miss her!!
absolutely miss her!!

I wanna cry...
the eyes just too dry..
no tears comes out..

my heart feels pain,
is it cry inside??

Can I just forget her?
Can I just look forward??

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Strawberry Field Cafe - Opposite MBPJ - PJ New Town

Found a nice restaurant to go recently...


Ehm...went there for at least 5 times with same friends,

This is one of my favorite cafe to go except of The Island, SS2.
Strawberry Field located at Menara MBPJ, just opposite.

The one I like the most is...

1. Cabonara Seafood

The creamy sauce + the seafood + spaghetti... oh!! my favorite!! yummy yummy!!

2. Thai Green Curry Chicken Mee

Looks bad, right? Why I like? Just because It's hot!! Actually it's salty and a bit oily. But, the spiciness really make me sooo excited!! kekeke....

3. The drinks

Strawberry Milk Shake, Orange Juice Jambo, Green Apple Juice Jambo The right drinks is orange juice too, i think. Anyway, the juicy drinks really fresh!

4. MaPo ToFu Rice (Spicy)

Not spicy actually. But I like Tofu!!

5. Strawberry Field Fried Udon

Seems like Hokkien Mee. Taste not bad.

6. Butter Cream Sauce Seafood Rice

For me, of course Island Cafe's Butter Cream Sauce Chicken Rice better than this la... The sauce at Island cafe is more creamy!! Anyway, this one also not bad to try la..

7. Kenyit Chicen Rice

ya....forget to mention of the soup there..
The Tomato Soup is really perfect!!
Really tomato!
But I forgot to take the picture.
Do upload next time when I go there again...