Saturday, August 27, 2011

A WET Thai Food Cafe - Taman Cheras

The nightview of the restaurant!

Tempted to eat Thai Food after tried Black Canyon and also recommended by so many friends after they went to Thailand for vacation. =)
Looking forward to my trip also. Will go Thailand soon for vacation too.... woohoo~~~

Recommended by friend for this Thai Food Restaurant. It located at Taman Cheras which is around 20km far from my house. Ehm....not that far actually, but still need around 30mins to 40mins to reach there. See, nice food is always the motivation for us to travel far....haha....
So, next time, if you want me to visit you, just use food to seduce me~~~ It may works!!! =p

A lot of people come here to eat Grilled Crab. We didn't try. I spying at the kitchen entrance and have a conclusion that grilled crab should be nice and we must try in next visit! =)

Tom Yam Chicken Soup (RM7)
Look at the golden colour soup, you definitely can imaging the taste of this soup. I assume your saliva is secreting now. Imagine the sourness and spiciness of the soup~ hoo.... It's so tempting!

haha....You definitely tried this Thai Fried Rice (RM8) before if you live in Section 17 or SS2, PJ. The Thai Fried Rice at Section 17 Sentosa is delicious, according to my friends....I got a lot of friends like to eat the Thai Fried Rice. Anyway, the main point is this Thai Fried Rice had different taste with the one in Section 17 Sentosa. ehm....the pattern and the taste of the fried rice itself is different, not compare yet the eggs and the stewed pork. Besides, this Thai Fried Rice served together with mango too. Conclusion: both also nice to eat! =p

Pineapple Fried Rice (RM9) The heat of the fried rice is enough. So, you can smell the fragrance of the pineapple from far. =) Quite okay to try!

The only vegetable we ordered. Thai Fried Kai Lan (RM12). Nothing complain for the chef's stir-fried technique.

Thai Style Seafood with 3 kind of sauce (RM22)
ehm...iaccording to my friends, it's nice to try and because of the deep fried of the seafood. The skin is very crispy, very delicious! For me, it's nice, just I miss more the one I ate at Serdang, Kedah with the fried porridge! =)

MY FAVORITE DISH!!!! H. SpecialtyBBQ Pork Neck Meat (RM22, min 300gm)
I still can feel the meat melted in my mouth now. The meat is so tender and fragrance! I never eat the pork like this before and I never know got this delicious pork to eat before!!! I can eat 5 plate of this portion!!! =) The spiciness of the pork neck meat is really make me feel happy!!

Finished the main course! It's time to eat some dessert. This is Water Chestnut (RM5.90). ehm...the fragrance of water chestnut with coconut milk always my favorite too! =)
Brighten my day!

This is Cendol (RM5.90). It's nice with the topping, creamy corn and cincau. =)

This is the bill for the foods we ate that day!

8, Jalan Kas Kas,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinate:N 03°05'59.0"
E 101°44'29.8"

Telephone number: 603-9131 9838

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